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Who are the founders

Conquer Kilimanjaro is a company started by two Tanzanians: Michael Nelson Ntiyu, a mountain guide, and Adil Sadiq, an investor and adventurer. Michael’s vast experience is worth noting. He has led over 300 groups to the peak of Kilimanjaro, so many that he stopped counting after 300. In an outstanding feat in 1999, during the Mallory and Irvine Research Expedition, it is believed that Michael became the first black climber to ascend Mt. Everest up to the North Cole, which is at a height of 7010m.

Michael hails from Himo, a town in Tanzania, but spent his growing years in Marangu. As a Chagga, he has deep ties to his cultural heritage. An understanding and caring guide, Michael puts the safety and needs of climbers first. He aids each climber to reach the summit while being aware of their personal limits. His ability to shift seamlessly between his culture and Western cultures, coupled with his good command of English, makes him a great communicator.

Adil Sadiq, who shares an interest in local cultures and safaris, decided to partner with Michael to form Conquer Kilimanjaro after witnessing his superb guiding abilities. Their company is not just about mountain climbing. They also conduct bike tours that provide visitors a close look at the various local cultures. Furthermore, they organize safaris to world-renowned national parks such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Conquer Kilimanjaro is thus a gateway to thrilling adventures that also celebrate the richness of Tanzanian culture and natural beauty.

Who else belongs to Conquer Kilimanjaro?

It depends on the event how many crew members belong to Conquer Kilimanjaro. On the picture you see all from the organization team of the Bike Race during KiliMAN 2009.

Michael Nelson is not our only guide in Conquer Kilimanjaro, but we have many more experienced guides, trained by Michael himself. Each guide is carefully trained, ensuring that he can lead a group of climbers carefully up and down the mountain. All guides are fully trained with First Aid Skills, in case of any emergency they can provide basic medical attention.


Talk to us

Questions about Conquering Kilimanjaro? Talking Us! Our experienced guides can provide valuable insights, advice, and safety tips. We’re here to ensure your climb, bike and wildlife is unforgettable and successful.

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